What is remuddling?

Well, we think of it as a bad home remodel. Usually when it’s poorly planned and designed. Old House Journal defines remuddling as “misguided remodeling - that is, an alteration that is insensitive to the architecture or character of the house.”

While we were house shopping, we would see open-house after open-house of botched or poorly designed renovations. We’d say to ourselves, “Why’d they do this?” or “I would have moved the sink here instead of knocking down that wall” or “What’s with this funky closet space” or “if only they would have done [insert renovation name here].”

After looking at dozens of homes, it was very clear to us that we wanted one with “good bones” that we could make into our own. And if anyone was going to “remuddle” the house, it might as well be us (at least there’d be no one to blame other than ourselves). So hence, our blog was born.

- Tig

We first started this blog as a way to keep our family posted on our progress during home renovations, though we quickly learned that it is a double-edged sword.  Sometimes we’d get sympathy “That looked like a lot of work. ” But other times, we got flak, as it “What’s taking you so long?  Work harder!  Faster!”  Sheesh.

It also serves as a journal, complete with pictures, to remind us of how far we’ve come. What was often tedious and painful at the time (like tiling for a week), turns out to be quite funny in retrospect.

- Serena