Master Bedroom, Ours - 98% complete
Patched and line closet with cedar, installed a door jamb switch. Patched walls and ceiling, painted entire room.

Open items: The door to the bedroom needs to be repainted, and we need better window treatments.

Living room - 95% complete

Painted the walls, rewired lighting, move ceiling fan from kitchen to living room, bought bookshelves, and painted the existing sconces white to make it tolerable.

Open items: Still need to hang pictures (lazy us!) and replace sconces someday.

Dining room - 95% complete

Painted the walls and wainscotting, rewired lighting, installed a crystal chandelier to a three way switch.

Open items: Find and install sconces someday.

Study - Completed
Built shelves for the niche, and for our books. Installed peg rail so that thestudy can also be a front hall/mud room. Hung a favorite picture of Paris.

Front curb appeal and nano-farm - 85% complete

Moved the magnolia tree to the backyard, moved one burning bush to the backyard, built compost bin. Installed drainage system in the side yard to prevent ice and water pooling. Dug up parking spots and installed porous pavers

Open items: Started building a dry stacked stone wall, need to move one more burning bush.