Attic insulation and sealing - {97% done}
Sealed holes leading to attic. Installed flashing around chimney area. Laid down insulation between floor joists. Made foam boxes around recessed lights in kitchen, fashioned insulation box around ladder opening.

Open items: Seal holes in living room outlet.

Front Bedroom, Ours - Completed
Removed 20 odd nails and hooks, patched walls and ceiling, painted light green. Originally a front bedroom, now a study.

Bathroom, Rental - Completed
Stripped down to studs, replaced plumbing and electrical, finished with all new materials including subway and floor tiles, fixtures (toilet, sink, tub) and fittings (faucet, towel bars).

Bathroom, Ours - Completed
Same scope of project as above.

Kitchen, Rental - Completed
Removed old flooring and cabinets. Put down new linoleum sheets, new cabinets, reconfigured layout, patch and paint all walls, installed butcher block counters and sink.

Chimney - Completed
Hired contractors to repoint brickwork, added rain cap and vermin screen, chimney cleaned.