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My parents came up for the weekend to help. At first I didn’t think we needed their help, but it turned out to be a godsend, and we certainly appreciated their coming.

Here my dad and I discuss the bathroom renovations (in a completely gutted 1st floor bathroom). We later installed a temporary toilet (more on that in the future).

discussing the bath

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Slow work day for me today. It was lots of coordination as the kitchen cabinets were delivered today and the floor sanding commenced (not by me). I thought sanding and coating the floor would not be too difficult but got convinced by 3 other professionals in the construction business to hire someone to do it. Serena could tell you more on that at a later date.

Also a representative from our local oil company came by to explain all about the oil and hot water heat system.

Although both bathrooms have been gutted, a temporary toilet was installed in bath 1. And boy did that come in handy today, and I’m sure it will be useful all week. And it only cost $1.50 for a new wax ring. Thanks Paul.
temporary toilet

It was a very busy week. Too busy to update the blog. So here’s a recap of the past week.

Serena’s parents were in town from Saturday through Thursday.

serena's parents

I don’t remember much of Monday. Mostly the plumber was working (mmm, new PVC pipe), and we were preparing the 2nd unit’s floors (masonite on top of red rosin paper).

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It seems we have setback after setback.

We had planned on finishing the bath tub and shower this weekend so we can finally shower again on Sunday. To say the least, we did not make that goal. I had noticed earlier, that the shower/tub faucet only had hot water and not cold. So I test it out, turning on/off the lines, etc without success. I was dismayed, Serena was upset. No shower this past weekend.

Maybe I should have tested the valve before installation, and before all the walls, cement board, and tile went up. Doh!

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This weekend was the big push to get our bathroom to 90% done before we have company - my parents are visiting for July 4th weekend and we needed a working bathroom, fast! Our primitive makeshift bathroom upstairs would not do. I took Friday off to go on a MassEnergy cruise to see the Hull wind turbine. By the time we got home, the sky had darkened and was thundering. That was our sign to get to work.

First Tig removed the toilet from our unit. Then he decided he needed more parts. Off to Home Depot he went, while I primed the ceiling of our guest bedroom. I got a coat of Kilz (latex stainblocking primer) in before he came back around 6pm. Here was our bathroom before:

without medicine cabinet

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Last night, before wrapping up for the night, we discuss the next day. The pedestal sink is next. “That’s going to be hard,” I say. How do I know that? Because I saw the Pedestal Sink Installation Instructions on This Old House website.

“I don’t think so,” Tig says. “It should be easier than the toilet.” I don’t believe him and say so.

This morning (Saturday), after breakfast, Tig goes downstairs to get ready. I procrastinate a little, but eventually get down there in time to be his helper. We start at 9:30am. The first step is getting in the water shutoff valves. We decided to go a little classier and cover all the copper and PVC pipe with chrome. It’s good practice for our own bathroom. Tig soddering.


We tested the valves to make sure they worked. Then we dry fitted the drain pipe.

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When we removed the stove a couple of months ago, I noticed there was a bracket screwed to the floor. I assumed this somehow held the stove in place. When I asked our contractor consultant, if we needed it, he said “Duh… Yeah.” Actually, he did not say “duh” but his tone made it sound like it

.today - beginning

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Today I put on two coats of water based polycrylic on the butcher block counters. Tig put in the new sink.

tig under sink

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On Saturday, a work crew showed up, consisting of Jona (from DC), Sandy and Elvis (from NYC). They were converging in our house to give us a motivational boost and some much needed labor. In order to be good hosts, we scrambled to get a toilet into our unit. Now that we had some experience under our belt, it only took a couple of hours to install the toilet (unlike the last time, which took about 3 hours).
installing toilet

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Today Jona and I caulked around the tub.


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