Kitchen (Rental)

Slow work day for me today. It was lots of coordination as the kitchen cabinets were delivered today and the floor sanding commenced (not by me). I thought sanding and coating the floor would not be too difficult but got convinced by 3 other professionals in the construction business to hire someone to do it. Serena could tell you more on that at a later date.

Also a representative from our local oil company came by to explain all about the oil and hot water heat system.

Although both bathrooms have been gutted, a temporary toilet was installed in bath 1. And boy did that come in handy today, and I’m sure it will be useful all week. And it only cost $1.50 for a new wax ring. Thanks Paul.
temporary toilet

ha ha.


Thanks for helping Jona.

My “contractor consultant” recommended using ribbed roofing nails or something similar to nail down the 1/4″ plywood (LAUAN) underlayment. But I opted for the drywall screws. Of course, I need to drill pilot holes with countersinks before I can screw them down. And of course, you can’t forget the Liquid Nails (the glue). And I love using my cordless drill. It’s powerful, yet easy to control, and comes with 2 quick charge batteries (20 minute recharge time - gotta love it).
glue and screw

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As I post this, the floor guys are installing the linoleum.

floor installation

That thing-a-ma-jig he’s using weighs 150 lbs. It’s to ensure there’s a good bond between the linoleum and the adhesive.

The floor guys are Brazilian. They’re even going to show me how to make a caipirinha (sp?) - some Brazilian drink that Carl made for us before.

When we first got the place, the rental unit’s back porch entry was scary. Ugly brown wallpaper on the upper section, green chipped paint on the bottom section. An ugly bulb dangled from cracked plaster that looked like it was going to fall down any minute. We had to do something about it. The only saving grace was the wood trim, which had not been painted over.
back entry

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Today we spent way too much time at IKEA, and then at Home Depot. I got in two coats of paint in the back porch entry, and assembled one kitchen cabinet.

Tig worked on the track lighting, which is a big improvement over the old three can fixture. We chose a T configuration, so that the sink area gets three lights. The fourth light will shine towards a refrigerator and side cabinet. Last weekend, I painted the kitchen window (previously left bare, with splotches of paint here and there).
track lighting

On Sunday we hung up the IKEA kitchen cabinets which took most of the morning.
hanging cabs

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When we removed the stove a couple of months ago, I noticed there was a bracket screwed to the floor. I assumed this somehow held the stove in place. When I asked our contractor consultant, if we needed it, he said “Duh… Yeah.” Actually, he did not say “duh” but his tone made it sound like it

.today - beginning

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Elvis & Sandy came to visit for the weekend. When they asked us what we wanted to do, …. Duh? What else is there to do besides work on the house. Ha ha.

They were kind enough to help. And they both did a great job.

Sandy worked on the cabinets, putting in the drawers and the drawer sliders. She seemed to especially like the Ikea “click” sound when putting together the drawers.


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This week Tig focused on getting the kitchen counter tops ready. By Friday, he had already cut and glued the backsplash pieces. This is one of the contraptions he made in order to glue the pieces together and straight.


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