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Closed today on our home. Woohoo!

As we signed our life away to the bank, our attorney quipped “Have you heard of the Golden Rule? The one who has the gold, makes the rules.”

Today, it's officially ours

The first night, we made one of our many trips to Home Depot.

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My parents came for the weekend.

Dad was really anxious to help.

let the destruction begin

And we started demolition of the bathroom. There’s no turning back now.

Almost everything is gone now, the floor tiles, fixtures, radiator, everything except the bathtub. I’m happy that Tig hasn’t broken anything in the house, or any part of his body yet.

No more sink, toilet, or radiator

It’s almost a week. Here’s what the bare subloor in the bathroom looks like.

bare subloor

It’s been about a week. And we finally got the bath tub out of the 1st unit. Woohoo!

no tub

I took a vacation day to work on the house. Tig and I:

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Tig’s parents came up today for a family workfest. All in all, we accomplished a lot:

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My parents came up for the weekend to help. At first I didn’t think we needed their help, but it turned out to be a godsend, and we certainly appreciated their coming.

Here my dad and I discuss the bathroom renovations (in a completely gutted 1st floor bathroom). We later installed a temporary toilet (more on that in the future).

discussing the bath

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This past weekend was very productive, as the 2nd bathroom got gutted, except for the tub. The tub is cast-iron and I’ll need some help breaking that up (or maybe I’ll have a go at it later in the week). I must thank my parents for coming up and helping this weekend. It would have taken much longer without them.

So, my 3 most favorite (and most used) tools for demolition are:

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Slow work day for me today. It was lots of coordination as the kitchen cabinets were delivered today and the floor sanding commenced (not by me). I thought sanding and coating the floor would not be too difficult but got convinced by 3 other professionals in the construction business to hire someone to do it. Serena could tell you more on that at a later date.

Also a representative from our local oil company came by to explain all about the oil and hot water heat system.

Although both bathrooms have been gutted, a temporary toilet was installed in bath 1. And boy did that come in handy today, and I’m sure it will be useful all week. And it only cost $1.50 for a new wax ring. Thanks Paul.
temporary toilet

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