Tig likes to think of himself as an engineer, but I think in the eight years that I’ve known him, there is a budding artist. He loves taking photos. Last year, on our trip to Paris (pre-house), he took this amazing panorama of the Eiffel Tower.

setting up the frame

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A few years ago, we inherited a large mirror from our neighbor.  It had a small chip on one side, but the price was right (free).  At the time I was taking a woodworking class at a local community college.  The first assignment was a wooden frame.  While everyone else made small picture frames, I decided to make my first woodworking project (since Jr High Shop class) around this mirror, which measured around 3′ x 2′.   The frame is made from Honduran mahogany and finished in natural Danish oil.

It’s finally found a suitable home.

mirror in dining room