Front Bedroom

I’ve been prepping the guest bedroom for painting for 3 weekends now. It’s not as high a priority as our two bathrooms, so I tend to do a little bit, and then leave it to help Tig. It also didn’t help that I started with the most hole ridden and cracked plastered room in our unit. The closet was never painted, there are three large cracks on the west wall and holes in the closet. The previous owner, over the past 43 years made over 30 holes in the room (hanging wall shelves, nails to hold blinds, hooks, etc…). If my spackling efforts fail to fix these flaws, plan B is to buy a really large world map that covers most of the wall.

On Saturday, I loaded the caulk gun and started to close various gaps between the trim.

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This month, we have quite a few guests. My parents just came for July Fourth weekend. Jona and Alix are dropping by this weekend and Tig’s parents are visiting next weekend. Elvis was planning on staying with us at the end of July (no, not that Elvis) while attending a conference in Boston. No one seems to mind the disasterous state of our home. We weren’t able to finish the guest room in time for my parents, but I’ve been hauling butt trying to get it ready for Jona and Alix.

I originally chose Prescott Green from Benjamin Moore, but had a case of buyer’s remorse right afterward. The local hardware store helped me by adding white pigment to the paint for free. After testing it, I still thought it was too dark, so I spent Monday afternoon mixing it with white paint to push it toward Hollingsworth Green. Below is a piece of drywall I tested on. Like I said, I’ve got issues with color.
test paint

Tig and I had already primed the room and painted the ceiling. July 4th was spent painting the walls green. I even painted the inside of the closet - it looks so good with the original wood trim (previous owners painted most trim white).

GR corner

Looking at the door.

GR door

Tig spent yesterday and today (Wed & Thurs) painting the trim Icing from Devine Paint. We should be ready for Jona when she arrives tomorrow afternoon! Sorry, no final picture has been taken yet.

We have neglected to put up some pictures of our guest bedroom…

after Guest BR

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This…is our plan for the study.

study design

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Now that we have a general idea of how our study should look, it’s time to set up the weekend workshop…

temporary workshop

In the front study room, there is a niche next to the real closet which serves as valuable storage space. The previous owners installed an adjustable wire shelving system in this space - the kind frequently found in big home improvement chains. We decided to remove it and put in shelving that would fit the style and period of the home.

original front bedroom closet

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With the basic design in mind, Tig measured out and planned the study niche. He determined that the first shelf would be 18 inches off the ground, the next shelf 16 inches from that, and the last one 14 inches higher. He went out and bought a supply of one-bys.

First he cut them into manageable sized pieces. Then he used the router to make the shelf supports (more on his cool router setup later).

shelving supports

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Tig decided on a series of 3 L shaped shelves with graduated depths (deepest on the bottom and the shallowest shelf at the top). He bought 3/4 inch poplar plywood from Home Depot and measured it out. He chose poplar because it was the least expensive hardwood plywood. And we chose plywood because we wanted something utilitarian, not craftsman-like. Think Family Handyman, not Fine Woodworking.

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Now that we have all the pieces to our niche, Tig installed the supports. First I looked for studs in the walls and marked them while Tig predrilled holes. He used a counter-sink, so that the screw heads will set in a little. Then he installed the supports, taking care to line up the screws with the studs.

Then he painted them with the same color paint as the rest of the trim in the room (Devine Icing in trim finish).

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I’m very picky when it comes to fixing up the home. Probably more so than Serena, but my thoughts and ideas are somewhat scattered. I like things to look nice, but I just ramble on about things without a clear focus. That’s where Serena comes in.

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