It’s almost a week. Here’s what the bare subloor in the bathroom looks like.

bare subloor

…how much a home renovation ignites spirited discussions.

I had found a do-it-yourself article on OldHouseWeb.com about lightly sanding floors yourself and applying a few coats of polyurethane. Unfortunately, when the previous owners left, they also left behind a seriously scratched and discolored oak floors. I started to have doubts about our plan.

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My “contractor consultant” recommended using ribbed roofing nails or something similar to nail down the 1/4″ plywood (LAUAN) underlayment. But I opted for the drywall screws. Of course, I need to drill pilot holes with countersinks before I can screw them down. And of course, you can’t forget the Liquid Nails (the glue). And I love using my cordless drill. It’s powerful, yet easy to control, and comes with 2 quick charge batteries (20 minute recharge time - gotta love it).
glue and screw

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As I post this, the floor guys are installing the linoleum.

floor installation

That thing-a-ma-jig he’s using weighs 150 lbs. It’s to ensure there’s a good bond between the linoleum and the adhesive.

The floor guys are Brazilian. They’re even going to show me how to make a caipirinha (sp?) - some Brazilian drink that Carl made for us before.

Our house came with oak floors in every room except the kitchens and bathrooms. Luckily, the first floor unit was recently refinished before the purchase. Our unit, however…

before 1

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