Dining Room

I may have aluded to the country decor in our unit when we bought our house. This dining room chandelier is an example…

dining light

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Last week, we turned the dining room, and our lives, upside down. Patching holes

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After priming, Tig painted the dining room. I helped with the trim during the weekend. I went with the usual Devine Vanilla for the walls and Devine Icing for the trim.
getting ready to install chandelier

Then, in a stroke of genius, we decided to rewire the circuit prior to hanging the crystal chandelier (after we had already painted).

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Well, the dining room and butler’s pantry has been cleaned up. Here’s the end result.

dining room with new chandelier

There’s my uber-handy husband in the background (the pepto bismol pink kitchen from the previous owners), making dinner.

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A few years ago, we inherited a large mirror from our neighbor.  It had a small chip on one side, but the price was right (free).  At the time I was taking a woodworking class at a local community college.  The first assignment was a wooden frame.  While everyone else made small picture frames, I decided to make my first woodworking project (since Jr High Shop class) around this mirror, which measured around 3′ x 2′.   The frame is made from Honduran mahogany and finished in natural Danish oil.

It’s finally found a suitable home.

mirror in dining room

We had a few months to enjoy our finished dining room.

finished dining rm?

Currently, all of our living room furniture is now in the dining room. Why is that you ask?

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