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We care about the environment and prefer not to fill up landfills. Having said that, tearing out two bathrooms creates a lot of trash. Tile over drywall over plaster over lathes! For the record, Tig did not want a dumpster. Our conversation went something like this:

Me “Did you call around some dumpster places?”

Tig “Yeah, I got some prices, but I don’t think we need it.”

Me, “I think we should get one. We’ve got two bathrooms to tear down.”

Tig, “Don’t worry. I’ll just take it out with the trash.”

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Darth Vader left me a voicemail message this morning at work. I couldn’t make out the whole message:
“hiuv, ish me, ay av sum good newf and sum bad newf…(muffled)…sum pieces of the tub ouh…(muffled) broh the sledgehammer.”

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Last week, the waste management company came and took our dumpster away. Let’s take a peek at the contents…


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This is Tig today. He’s putting in a hook for the tenant’s bathroom. He’s reaching for the drill gun on the other side of the bathroom floor, but he can’t reach…

tig reaching.

I stand there. Do I help? Of course. After I take a picture of him.

We’ve been thinking about this picture for a long time. It’s a tribute to Grant Wood and all things American.

remuddling gothic

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I may have aluded to the country decor in our unit when we bought our house. This dining room chandelier is an example…

dining light

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The start of tiling our bathroom marks another long adventure that tests our endurance, our mental fortitude, our marriage. Here’s a photo tour of how far we’ve gotten.

Prologue (individual time trial): Tig starts out on the edge of the tub. He’s warming up slowly, getting his legs back up again, so to speak.

Flat stage (the big wall): Our first weekend together tiling. We’re cruising, laying on tile after tile, covering lots of ground. It’s a quick win, very encouraging.
flat stage

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The good thing about contractor garbage bags…. they’re thick and sturdy. They could probably be used as a vapor barrier if you’re in a pinch. I’ve seen people use them as makeshift rain ponchos.

But it’s Thanksgiving. And I bought a BIG turkey from the local farmer’s market. 19+ pounds. And any good chef knows a bird needs to be brined before roasting. Suffice to say, a 19 lb turkey just won’t fit into a 1-gallon ziploc bag you buy at the grocery store. Especially when there’s 2 gallons of brine for the bird. But it could probably fit into a 30 gallon garbage bag. But ordinary trash bags just won’t do. I needed 3 millimeters of thick, dark contractor grade plastic. mmm….
turkey brining in contractor bag

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We still have not moved into our bedroom yet. We did get a step closer today.

The previous owners had a “unique” (for lack of a better word) plate collection hanging on their bedroom wall. I did not know the bedroom was the place to hang plates …

Anyway, you can get a glimpse of the plate collection on the wall from a picture taken during the home inspection. (Also see “Obstacle #2” post for picture without plates)
original plate collection

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Today we worked on a different type of house. This is the house that Tig built.
Tig's house

This is my creation

Serena's house

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some butternut squash soup to make and a holiday block party to attend.

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