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I decided to install a new thermostat. Supposedly the newer programmable ones can save you money in energy/fuel costs by having the room temperature set colder when you’re away at work during the day. However I work from home. Whatever. It came with a $25 rebate from the local utility, so what the heck, I installed it.

We had an old school classic round thermostat. It’s actually a Honeywell T87 series.

old thermostat

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Having people over is the biggest home improvement motivator. This Thanksgiving, we are staying in Boston and Jona is come up to visit. In order to be good hosts, we thought it was about time that we move into the master bedroom so that our guests have a place to stay. Good plan, except for Obstacle no. 1: The closet.

wood paneling

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We still have not moved into our bedroom yet. We did get a step closer today.

The previous owners had a “unique” (for lack of a better word) plate collection hanging on their bedroom wall. I did not know the bedroom was the place to hang plates …

Anyway, you can get a glimpse of the plate collection on the wall from a picture taken during the home inspection. (Also see “Obstacle #2” post for picture without plates)
original plate collection

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Pictures of the grueling and often ugly process.

Before - the plates sneered at us from the safety of the previous owner’s protection.

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In John Rush’s classic book on remodeling, On Time and On Budget, he states that a designer (and I’m paraphrasing here from my notes, so please excuse the inexact quote) “picking out the correct hardware is going to cost a lot of money in relation to the item’s cost…Homeowners working alone often get confused and pick the safest thing possible or the thing they saw in a stylish magazine…Your renovation project should have an integrated design. Consider hardware and lighting fixtures the final voices added to your house.”

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As part of Serena’s design brief for the master bedroom (see “Bedroom, Design, & Bling”), we needed a new ceiling light. When we first bought the place, there was only a blank canopy plate that covered what once used to be a light. I upgraded it, by putting up a temporary light (and wall switch - don’t get me started on all the pull switches that were originally throughout the house).

temporary light

This may not seem like an upgrade to some, but that’s besides the point. It provided decent lighting when I used the bedroom as a workshop. Now, it’s a bedroom and hence it needed adequate lighting (read - mood lighting).

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This is the light fixture we inherited in the front hallway. It has all the qualities I do not like in a light: pull chain, brass, octagonal.

Entryway light before

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Living room before.

Living room before

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