Bath (Ours)

Tig’s parents came up today for a family workfest. All in all, we accomplished a lot:

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My parents came up for the weekend to help. At first I didn’t think we needed their help, but it turned out to be a godsend, and we certainly appreciated their coming.

Here my dad and I discuss the bathroom renovations (in a completely gutted 1st floor bathroom). We later installed a temporary toilet (more on that in the future).

discussing the bath

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How do you remove a bathtub?

Well if it’s a steel or acrylic tub, it should be relatively light (around 100 pounds), so that 2 people could lift it out.

And what if it’s cast-iron?

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Can you believe it’s been 2 weeks already. So today has been another busy day, with most of the work being done by someone other than myself (plumber and floor guys). I’m glad, b/c I could use a break. Especially after tackling the cast-iron tub yesterday. Although I did defeat the tub, it felt more like a pyrrhic victory as I lost a sledge hammer and a few fingers (just kidding about the fingers). I am quite sore from all that smashing. It is definitely not as easy as it sounds (as noted by the lost sledge hammer and battle wounds).

Well here’s the last picture of the tub before I laid it in its final resting place (the dumpster).

tub's last picture

And that last piece was dang heavy.

It was a very busy week. Too busy to update the blog. So here’s a recap of the past week.

Serena’s parents were in town from Saturday through Thursday.

serena's parents

I don’t remember much of Monday. Mostly the plumber was working (mmm, new PVC pipe), and we were preparing the 2nd unit’s floors (masonite on top of red rosin paper).

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Drywall is now on both bathroom ceilings! Tig’s parents came for Memorial Day weekend and we had a barn-raising day. Or in this case, a ceiling raising day. While Tig measured, Dad cut the drywall.

Cutting drywall

Then, Tig and Dad pulled the drywall up to the ceiling. Mom and I come in with propping tools (our arms are too short to hold up drywall) and support the sheet while Tig screws it in.

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It may be hard to believe, but sometimes I’m really anal and exacting.


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On Friday, tiling of our bathroom began.

We definitely learned a few things from tiling the first floor bathroom. For one, we decreased the spacing between the tiles, so the grout line would be thinner.

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The start of tiling our bathroom marks another long adventure that tests our endurance, our mental fortitude, our marriage. Here’s a photo tour of how far we’ve gotten.

Prologue (individual time trial): Tig starts out on the edge of the tub. He’s warming up slowly, getting his legs back up again, so to speak.

Flat stage (the big wall): Our first weekend together tiling. We’re cruising, laying on tile after tile, covering lots of ground. It’s a quick win, very encouraging.
flat stage

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Here’s where we are.

third wall

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