Tig’s parents came up today for a family workfest. All in all, we accomplished a lot:

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Winter is quickly coming. And we don’t live in California anymore :-(

For most older homes, the biggest area of heat loss comes from the attic. Usually it is not insulated and/or not sealed well. I’m in the process of sealing it by using duct board and that instant-foam-in-a-can stuff to block all the holes. Sealing around the chimney is pain because you need to use metal flashing and heat resistant caulk.

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Work on the master bedroom came to an abrupt halt this week, as Tig switched his focus to insulating the attic. The weather got milder this past week, and he seized the opportunity to do some work before temperatures dropped.

Much of what needed to be done was spelled out in the energy audit: air sealing and attic floor 6.25″ fiberglass batting insulation.

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Picture this.

Scene: Serena in the kitchen putting away some tupperware. Phone rings.

Serena: Hello?

Tig’s voice: Hi. I’m up in the attic.

Serena: What going on?

Tig: I think I broke my fohm

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