Serena and I just could not take my hair anymore. Just too much. So I cheated a bit and got it cut.

Let me elaborate on the story.

Serena was going to cut my hair this weekend regardless. The bathroom was almost complete, so we figure why not. But it was mostly because my looks were probably embarrassing to the both of us.

I remembered seeing on craigslist people advertising ‘free’ haircuts. So I look online for a few days and tada… someone’s offering free men’ haircut on Friday. perfect. I figure the guy probably needs some experience and I’d be helping him out.

I send him (let’s call him xxx) an email, with my name, phone #, and time slots when I’m free.

xxx emails me back on Thursday night at 8pm:

could you be there around 3:15?

I respond about 30 minutes later:

Sure, I can be there at 3:15. Can I ask why you are giving free haircuts?

So Friday morning I’m thinking, “I’ve got a free haircut this afternoon. I hope it’s not in someone’s basement. Cross my fingers.”

I was kind of busy that day, so after my 7am computer session, I did not check email again until after lunch at around 2pm. I get the following message from xxx timestamped at 9:24am

3:15 might work.
give me a call at …

“might work?” What the heck?!? So I call xxx and leave a message.

It’s 3:10, I show up at the place. It’s actually a real salon. And xxx actually has his own station there.

I say to the receptionist:

I think I have an appointment with xxx. And he says sure, just have a seat and he’ll be right with you.

After reading Cosmo, playing around with my new phone, and 2 trips to the rest room (I had a big lunch), it’s 4:15 and he’s finally done with his previous free haircut. And the receptionist had to tell him I was waiting. I guess he did not think I was coming.

So we straighten the confusion out (your bad communication skills), and he sits me down for the haircut (finally). I tell him, he can do what he wants with my hair. Use his best judgement. After consulting with the other stylist, xxx decides to be cautious and justs starts to trim and layer my mess of hair. After about 20 minutes of this and some smalltalk, he tells me about men’s and women’s cuts, saying they should really be called short and long cuts. He also tells me that he’s not very good with “women’s” cuts, which is what he is essentially giving me. I start rethinking, and tell him to just give me a “men’s” cut, or one that he’s comfortable with.

After some more small talk (and hearing his life story), a couple of missed phone calls, a hair washing, and some more trimming (even inside the ears, woah!), it’s done. I finally put my glasses back on and take a look in the mirror. Not bad. Much shorter.
I thank him and I’m out the door. I look at my watch, and it’s 5:50pm. Aaah! It took over 1.5 hours for the haircut. And now I have to rush back to meet Serena so we can go to our first yoga class together. As I’m driving home, I notice that the sideburns are uneven. One is cut way up high and the other is pretty low. For 1.5 hours, he could not even do my sideburns right. Oh well. It’s free.

I get home. Serena laughs at my sideburns and says I can’t go out in public like that. So no yoga class that night.

Here’s a profile pic of me putting on the grout. You can get a sense of my hair (or lack thereof)

tig tiling (and with short hair)