Every day we’re getting a little closer to finishing. It’s been slow going this week, partly due to me getting a new toy (I’m actually writing this post from my new phone).

All the tile is finally finished. The floor tiling took much longer than expected (which is the norm these days). We used little 1″ hex tiles for the floor. Months ago when we were still planning, I thought it would take forever to lay down little 1″ tiles, one at a time. However, after buying the tiles in 1 foot sheets (about 150 tiles in a sheet), I then figured it’d be a piece of cake. Ha!

hex tile on floor

It took a day just to cut all the little pieces where they meet the wall or for the toilet. I had to use a tile nipper and break off pieces by hand. Fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on how you look at it), the floor tiles are not cheap Home Depot tiles. They are nice porcelain tiles made from Japan. This means that they’re a lot harder than ceramic tiles.

It then took 1.5 days to mortar the tiles in place. There’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to putting down these tiles. If you use too much mortar, it will seep up through all the spacing and you’ll end up scraping away the excess for a few hours. Doh!

But now that the tile is done, it looks dang good. I’ll put up pics when I get to a real computer.

Things that we still need to do is grout (hopefully today and tomorrow) and install a marble threshold. I need to get a new one since the misses accidentally broke the original (saying it’s now “shabby chic”).