Ever since we moved in, our lives have been thrown into a maelstrom of constantly working on the house. There’s still one bathroom that needs to be tiled and finished, but the rental unit is down to punch list items and some paint in many of the rooms.

So yesterday, I actually had some time to make dinner. Our diets have gone to the wayside, eating out a lot more, eating microwave meals, and eating lots of processed junk foods (chips and cookies). We were never ones to eat TV dinners and junk food, but we just don’t have much time anymore. But yesterday I finally cooked a real meal in our kitchen (ramen does not constitute a real cooked meal). Pork chops. I’m no gourmet, but I do like to cook. And getting back into the kitchen made me miss it. And who does not enjoy a home cooked meal. I know the misses enjoyed it.

And now it’s back to working on the bathroom.