When we removed the stove a couple of months ago, I noticed there was a bracket screwed to the floor. I assumed this somehow held the stove in place. When I asked our contractor consultant, if we needed it, he said “Duh… Yeah.” Actually, he did not say “duh” but his tone made it sound like it

.today - beginning
Fast forward 2 months to today (picture above). The new kitchen floor is down, most of the cabinet frames are in place, the plumber just finished re-routing the gas line (not yet in picture), and I just finished tightening up some of the gas-to-stove connections. Earlier in the day, as I cleaned off the top of the stove, I noticed a “warning” sign on the back saying “the stove can tip, be sure to install anti-tip device,” etc.

warning label
So now I make the connection that this bracket is called an anti-tip device. It’s not really a device, it’s just a simple fabricated metal bracket. I mean look at it (see pic below). And by the way, the warning label says “see installation instructions”. Since this is the original stove, we don’t have the installation instructions.


After the plumber helped me move the stove, he said something like “I assume you know how to install the anti-tip device, etc.” as if I’d done it a million times. I didn’t say anything. I guess he took my silence as a “hell yeah, I know how to install it.” But actually I was thinking:

“Ummm, …. You mean that simple fabricated metal bracket. Ummm, …. Why is it called an anti-tip device? Ummm, …. How hard could it be to screw that into the floor.”

A few minutes later, the plumber left.

So how do you install that thing anyway? I tip the stove over to take a look at the underside to figure out where the bracket would attach to. I don’t see an easy answer. Darn. That means I’ll have to spend some time on the internet trying to figure it out, just like with every other home improvement project.

After a few keystrokes in Google, I find a video from the home and garden tv network on “how to install a stove anti-tip device”. Woohoo! (There’s actually a really corny joke in the video about some machine prevent you from tipping at nice restaurants).

The bracket is for one of the adjustable feet of the stove. Good one. What will they think of next.

And after a few minutes, voila. That was actually pretty easy. Then I slide the stove in place, no tipping allowed.

woohoo! success

In case you wanted to see what this kitchen wall looked like before the remodel …

way before

Pretty big change. And the last cabinet is not even in yet.