When we first got the place, the rental unit’s back porch entry was scary. Ugly brown wallpaper on the upper section, green chipped paint on the bottom section. An ugly bulb dangled from cracked plaster that looked like it was going to fall down any minute. We had to do something about it. The only saving grace was the wood trim, which had not been painted over.
back entry

Tig got to work and ripped out the ceiling plaster.

plaster ceiling

He also strung up brand new electrical wiring. The ceiling light had a pull chain (who does that anymore?); Tig changed it so that it hooks up to a light switch. Then Jona, Tig and I primed the small entry way on multiple ocassions. Tig painted the bottom wall a cream color. Today, I painted the upper section a light green.

Now this room is much less scary. I just have to remove all the masking tape and put back the shelf…which is a another project in itself (sigh).

after 2