My “contractor consultant” recommended using ribbed roofing nails or something similar to nail down the 1/4″ plywood (LAUAN) underlayment. But I opted for the drywall screws. Of course, I need to drill pilot holes with countersinks before I can screw them down. And of course, you can’t forget the Liquid Nails (the glue). And I love using my cordless drill. It’s powerful, yet easy to control, and comes with 2 quick charge batteries (20 minute recharge time - gotta love it).
glue and screw

And besides, I like saying “glue and screw.” Reminds me of something like “stitch and bitch.” Maybe I should copyright that term.
The plywood underlayment is for linoleum that is going in the kitchen. Originally, we ripped up the old vinyl tiles (very ugly and disgusting). We wanted to refinish the old oak underneath, but the Vietnamese floor guy said the floor was in bad shape and would not look good. So for about the same price as new wood floor, we are putting in new linoleum. We thought linoleum would be easier to clean and maintain for a tenant’s unit. Note, we are really using linoleum, not vinyl. Linoleum is made of all natural materials, like linseed and other good stuff. So hopefully, by the end of the week, the linoleum will be in place.