Actually electricity. But to me, it’s POWER (ha, ha, ha).

We haven’t been posting recently because I’ve been slowly upgrading electrical circuits and outlets: switching out some old wiring and devices for new ones (sometimes just swapping and putting the cheaper ones into the rental unit).

old 3-way switch

I came across this ancient three way switch (above - left). Using a handy multi-meter, I checked for continuity. This way I could tell which was the common screw and which ones were the travelers…electrical jargon. Anyway, I figured it out, and reused it to wire a 3-way light switch in a room that previously had no light switches. I had to do some fishing of wire too.

One good thing about the old switch is the sound, a heavier click when it’s switched on and off. More like a “thud” or “thwack”, then a click. If you look closely, you can even see a slight spark. Very cool (or scary, depending on your perspective). Note 7/6/2006 - For all you safety conscious folks, I replaced the old sparking switch with a new 3-way switch.