Last night, before wrapping up for the night, we discuss the next day. The pedestal sink is next. “That’s going to be hard,” I say. How do I know that? Because I saw the Pedestal Sink Installation Instructions on This Old House website.

“I don’t think so,” Tig says. “It should be easier than the toilet.” I don’t believe him and say so.

This morning (Saturday), after breakfast, Tig goes downstairs to get ready. I procrastinate a little, but eventually get down there in time to be his helper. We start at 9:30am. The first step is getting in the water shutoff valves. We decided to go a little classier and cover all the copper and PVC pipe with chrome. It’s good practice for our own bathroom. Tig soddering.


We tested the valves to make sure they worked. Then we dry fitted the drain pipe.

drain pipe

This was followed by HOURS of test fitting the drain pipe, the sink, the pedestal, the sink with the pedestal. Once that was finalized, Tig had to drill holes and bolt the sink to our wall. He put in the drain pipe. Then I said, “Should we put in teflon tape in the joints?” He took apart the drain pipe, wrapped the joints, and put the pipe back. Next was connecting the water faucets to the shutoff valves.

2:00pm…the sink is in!


We take a lunch break. Then, onto electrical.


That’s me connecting the light fixture to the electrical. Be scared. Be very scared. Actually, Tig is off to the side, talking me through it.

Now, onto the fittings. We bought the Preston bathroom set from one of the big box home improvement stores. Notice the double towel bars behind Tig. Our tenants are going to have a really nice bathroom.