This weekend was the big push to get our bathroom to 90% done before we have company - my parents are visiting for July 4th weekend and we needed a working bathroom, fast! Our primitive makeshift bathroom upstairs would not do. I took Friday off to go on a MassEnergy cruise to see the Hull wind turbine. By the time we got home, the sky had darkened and was thundering. That was our sign to get to work.

First Tig removed the toilet from our unit. Then he decided he needed more parts. Off to Home Depot he went, while I primed the ceiling of our guest bedroom. I got a coat of Kilz (latex stainblocking primer) in before he came back around 6pm. Here was our bathroom before:

without medicine cabinet

I put in the medicine cabinet - had to trim back some drywall first.

with medicine cabinet.

Then we started putting in the toilet - it was about 6pm. “This shouldn’t take more than half an hour,” my GC says. An hour and a half later…


Here is a recap of the whole process. It is a very familiar process with anything that we do in our house.

  • Put toilet on, try to tighten the bolts. Not working, take it off.
  • Screw in flange tighter, put toilet back on, tighten bolts.
  • Pour water in the bowl to see if there are any leaks. Put tank on, bolt it in. Check to see if it’s level.
  • Test the water valve to see if it fills up tank. Flush the toilet a few times. No leak.
  • But wait, the toilet is not completely straight…Is there something wrong with the seal?
  • Drain the tank, unbolt, remove the tank. Unbolt toilet, drain toilet. Check the flange.
  • Put in a waxless toilet seal instead. Put toilet bowl back on. It won’t go in all the way.
  • Tig goes down to basement and tries to push up on the pipe while I sit on the toilet - not working.
  • Tig makes a prop with 2 by 4 to prop up the pipe in basement. We both sit on the toilet to get the seal to go into the waste pipe. Nothing. Then, the seal gave a sigh of relief and the toilet came down. It’s not perfect, but certainly doable.
  • Bolt the toilet back on. Pour water down the bowl, check for leaks.
  • Tighten the bolts. Put the tank back on, check to see if it’s straight and level.
  • Bolt it in and fill up the water. Flush the toilet a few times. No leak.
  • It’s 8pm, we’re exhausted. Go upstairs and eat dinner. Call it a night.