Back in late April, Tig was shocked (yes, shocked) to discover that our street did not have DSL. Verizon did not put a line in our neighborhood. With copper prices through the roof, it doesn’t look like they will anytime soon. That night, I watched Tig go through the seven stages of DSL grief.

(1) Shock or Disbelief : Every half hour, he would say to me “I can’t believe they don’t have DSL.” For hours.

(2) Denial: Tig calling SpeakEasy, “I’d like to set up DSL for our new home.” Knowing full well that other internet services lease the lines from Verizon. No Verizon line, no SpeakEasy.

(3) Bargaining: Tig calling Verizon, “Do you have plans for putting in DSL anytime soon? Fiber optic, huh? When will you put that in? Anytime soon?”

(4) Guilt: “I should have looked into this before making an offer on the house.”

(5) Anger: “How can they not have put in a line! Those bastards!”

(6) Sadness: Lots of moping

(7) Acceptance/resignation: “I guess we need to pay for cable.”

And so, we blog thanks to the technology of cable modem.