We’ve been thinking about this picture for a long time. It’s a tribute to Grant Wood and all things American.

remuddling gothic

We originally took a picture similiar to this over a month ago. In that pic (formerly on the “about” page), our positions were switched. We also did not have the proper clothers or a tripod (our tripod is buried in a box somewhere). Serena does not have a smock type dress, and I don’t own any overalls. But when we saw a neighbor throwing away metals shelves, we figure we could use it to prop up our camera. I grabbed the pitch fork from underneath the porch, and voila.

So we were able to think about the second run for the picture. When I noticed no cars on the street this morning, I quickly got Serena to change. She still does not have a smock, but at least some of the colors are correct. After some fiddling around with the tripod and poses, we took a couple of pics. This was the better one. I would have taken more pics, but I felt Serena’s patience was dwindling. After all, it was a little embarrassing, so I tried to contain myself (I have no - or very little - shame).

Anyway, I’m happy with the pic, even though it’s not very flattering.

By the way, the original Grant Wood pic is supposed to be of a farmer and his daughter.