I wear mostly black, white & blue jeans. The houses I’ve lived in were white inside (my parents didn’t like to color the walls). Despite my degree in design - yes, color theory was part of the curriculum - I have a hard time picking colors.

I’ve spent many hours looking over decorating books, magazines, paint chips and palettes. I’ve also admired friends’ bold color choices in their homes (Mexican Feather sounds lovely, and look at that lavendar ceiling!), and torturing my better half with endless color schemes on paper.

And what do I end up deciding? Cream colored walls and white trim. Almost in every room.

If I were a bit more self absorbed, I might seek help in color therapy. As it is, I wonder: What do my paint choices say about me? Afraid of commitment? Unwilling to express myself? Too conservative by nature? Then I just decided that white is a color choice. Most of the dog eared pages in catalogues, post-it note marked books in our collection feature white walls and trim.

I did decide on a light green for the guest bedroom and bathroom upstairs. Apartmenttherapy.com featured a sexy deep blue-gray wall color from Ralph Lauren Paint. I’m thinking it would look amazing in our bedroom, with some crystal bedside lamps/sconces. In the meantime, I’ll be studying our paint palettes.