On Saturday, we did a dry run of the first floor bathroom, just to see if everything would come together as we imagined. Seeing the sink, medicine cabinet and light together was encouraging. The toilet will go to the left of the sink.
dry run

We also spent most of the day making story poles and planning the tile layout. Story poles are basically pieces of wood with markings representing the tiles. I measured one for the length of the subway tiles, one for the width, and one for our desired cross section layout. We made a few level marks on the greenboard and talked around in circles. By 3 o’clock, we stopped and got ready to go to Sophie and Madison’s place for dinner.

Four fashion shows later (Barbie game software); a yummy dinner of pork loin, veggies and mashed potatoes; a movie; and “let’s play school”, we went home and crashed. Thank you to Sophie and Madison for a nice evening.

Sunday, we started tiling around noon. Morning was spent setting up the wet saw for the tiles, putting up mesh tape formixing up a batch of thin set mortar, taping the seams in the cement backerboard with fiberglass mesh tape, and more tile layout planning. I think it took us so long to plan the darn thing because we didn’t know what we were doing.

s tiling

Our tiling books were not helpful - no clear direction on how to start, how to transition between the tub surround and the rest of the bathroom. The first three traumatic hours were spent figuring out where to start and which direction to proceed. I did a lot of the tile setting, while Tig manned the wet saw and tailored pieces as needed. After 8 hours, we didn’t get very far. But we think it looks good for first time tilers.
first day

Well, there were a couple of breaks and Tig made a home depot run.