I’m actually getting excited, because I can picture the finished bathroom in my head.

Yesterday all the walls in bath 1 were put up. Which is not an easy task for 1 person. Just think about lifting 4′ x 8′ sheet of wall, fitting it through a door, then into a 5′ x 8′ room, then propping it up. When you work by yourself, you learn to make tools and props to help you out. After all the carpentry and framing work, lots of wood was left over to make myself props. Go Tig!

Today, I fixed the window frame. I actually had to trim it down by about a 1/2″ to make it flush with the cement board wall. It turned out to be a pain in the butt. At first, I started chiseling it out. Then I tried a router, but that did not work out very well (hard to control on the wall surface and I probably did not have a good enough bit). But then I decided to use the hand planer. To me, using a hand planer to remove wood, is probably the most satisfying woodworking. You actually get to see all the waste you’ve removed right before your eyes. No power tools required.

wood shavings from window frame

After that, time to join the boards together (and cover the screw holes).

wall patched

Here I actually mounted the mirror and 1 light sconce to get a feel for the bathroom. The green color of the wall is growing on me. Maybe we’ll leave it like that. Ha!