The Boston Water and Sewer Commission has a cool feature on their website; it graphs out our daily water usage. For fun, we took a look at April’s water usage under the previous owner.

April usage

Now compare to after we closed on our house:

May usage

There was a spike in early May, probably having to do with guests in town, and using the shower. Tig also discovered that one of the toilets was constantly leaking from the tank to the bowl, which he has since fixed.

1 cubic feet of water is appx 7.81 gallons. I calculated our average daily water usage is 7.5 cubic feet, which equals approximately 60 gallons/day for two people. The average daily water usage in the United States (don’t quote us on this, but Tig was the Drinking Water Program Manager at his old job) is 65 gallons per person. This figure includes landscaping i.e. watering the lawn. Our daily usage - which is half the average American’s usage - may go up in the next month because we were living in our old apartment at nights in May. It will be interesting to see over the next month, what happens.

Now if only our utility company can do something like that.