I’ve been prepping the guest bedroom for painting for 3 weekends now. It’s not as high a priority as our two bathrooms, so I tend to do a little bit, and then leave it to help Tig. It also didn’t help that I started with the most hole ridden and cracked plastered room in our unit. The closet was never painted, there are three large cracks on the west wall and holes in the closet. The previous owner, over the past 43 years made over 30 holes in the room (hanging wall shelves, nails to hold blinds, hooks, etc…). If my spackling efforts fail to fix these flaws, plan B is to buy a really large world map that covers most of the wall.

On Saturday, I loaded the caulk gun and started to close various gaps between the trim. I had read in Mr. Fix-it’s book on home improvement that a good housepainter will go through a case of paintable caulk. Old houses often have gaps and cracks between the trip and the walls. Some people might find it charming, but I think it makes my house look leaky and old (in a bad sort of way). It draws attention away from the amazing trim that the house came with. Here’s an example of a section of the room before caulking.

before caulking

And here’s the same corner after:

AFter caulking
Much better, don’t you think?

I cut the caulking opening very close to the tip in order to get a small and precise bead. In order to smooth the caulking, I used a very low tech method, my fingers. Two and a half hours later my fingers were numb and worn down, but the end result was well worthwhile.