It may be hard to believe, but sometimes I’m really anal and exacting.


When it comes to installing ceiling drywall around the fan/light housing, I want it right-on. The metal ceiling fan/light housing has this outside lip, that the drywall is supposed to go under (or over if you’re right side up). So I’ve read that you can’t just cut a hole in the drywall and just slip the sheetrock up b/c the lip of the fan (unless you make a much larger opening). The proper way to do it, is to align the fan at the edge of a piece of sheetrock, so the opening only has 3 cuts (not 4 for a box). Then you can slip the sheetrock in from the side.

That’s all crap. Just make a little larger opening to ease the installation of sheetrock. Why? Because the light (and whatever accompanying medallion) will cover the opening. It would have easily saved me an hour of work. Arrrrghhhhh!!