After picking up the custom cedar fence pieces, Tig primed and stained them in the basement; the last coat went on after the little one went to sleep. On a Saturday morning, the 5th fence panel went in.

The existing posts on each side of the walkway had to be replaced with taller posts for the arbor (if we had more foresight, we would have designed everything from the get-go).

Then the side panel was removed. Using circular saw, Tig shaved off parts of the doweled end of the fence panel to accomodate some torquing in piecing it back together.

In a complicated and carefully choreographed sequence, they torqued and dropped the post in. Unfortunately, this needed to be repeated several times because the torquing knocked some dirt into the hole so that the post sat too high up.

Tig’s dad digging up the dirt again.

One post is successfully in, another side to go…