After putting in the fence in our front yard, I’ve been coveting an arbor to frame the entrance, and Tig has been looking for a structure for the hardy kiwi he bought this spring. We found this simple arbor design from Better Homes and Garden.

BHG arbor

The BHG website even comes with plans on how to make it.

BHG plans

For the next step, Tig drew up his own version in AutoCAD and sized it to our walkway.

Instead of putting the header pieces on top of the posts, he got an idea from an arbor/fence company brochure to put them on either side of the posts. This way, the smaller spanning pieces will have more stable support and the kiwi vines will have more area to spread out on top. At least that’s what we’re thinking in theory…Tig also wanted to add another fence panel, so that the fence would span the entire yard.

With plans in place, it was time for execution. Tig ordered the parts from a fence company in the area. It was easy to just hand them the drawings with all the specs in place. Then he called in his amazing parents for reinforcements.