We’ve posted before about hiring a landscape designer to put together a master plan for us. I was talking to a work colleague one day and she said, “the landscape design is the framework upon which you drape your own idiosyncracies”.

That summed it up perfectly for us, because we did not follow the plan to the letter. For example, we put up a fence instead of planting new hedges in front, and opted to narrow the front walkway instead of replacing it with nicer pavers. Over time, we may diverge even more from the plan as we try out new things and experiment.

After reading books and browsing other people’s websites, I found it hard to keep up with the constant stream of ideas. I stumbled on Muddy Clog’s (Now Hip Chick Dig’s) post about her food forest design - it was brilliant and I borrowed the idea. She did her plan in Adobe PhotoShop. I’m not any good with Adobe products and opted to use PowerPoint instead (graphic designers cringe when I say this).

Master Plan II

The bottom of the page is the front and the top of the page is the back. As we said before, our lot is about 4400 square feet (roughly 1/10th of an acre). You can see in the diagram that the house, porches and back parking spots take up more than half the space. I’m estimating that we have less than 1/20th of an acre to work with.

front closeup

The raised vegetable beds are the lime green rectangles out front. The blueberry bushes are in, and the kiwis are waiting to be planted. The left side is our vegetable beds, the bed to the right of the walkway is for our tenant. We have the two trees on the left front side planted, we’re debating about the tree on the right front side (not enough space - I planted a peony instead). Along our front fence, we had grand plans to plant raspberries, but the thought of brushing by thorny bushes put that to rest. Instead, I planted some sweet pea vines. On the side right fence, we think there should be two grape vines. The garden plan will be constantly changing as we add and discard ideas.