A few months ago, we moved out of our bedroom and into the guest bedroom. Why? Unfortunately, the noise from the bathroom plumbing stack (which is the wall where our bed is located) came back.

bed against bathroom wall

I thought I had fixed the problem. But it turned out to be only temporary.

So, for the third time, the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom had to be opened.

The first time, the wall was opened on the bathroom side for the bathroom renovation. A whole new plumbing stack was installed. This is where the problem started. Our licensed plumber replaced our old broken cast iron stack with PVC. Cast iron may rust, corrode or deposits may form inside the pipe, but it doesn’t budge (no movement) and it keeps water sounds in. It’s also harder to work with and more expensive (especially with today’s commodity prices).

bathroom wall opened

The second time the wall was opened on the bedroom side (the wall was opened more than what the picture below shows, but I don’t have any better pictures). You can see the PVC plumbing drain stack in the opening.

bedroom wall opening

So for this third time around, we found an article about soundproofing in Fine Homebuilding. The article included various techniques to quiet sounds such as mass loaded vinyl (which is a sound deadener), sound proofing caulk, and other useful tips.

Armed with that knowledge, we decided to tackle the noise problem (for hopefully the last time).

[to be continued]