Yes, we’re transplants from Northern California. (Sigh)…how we miss the mild climate all year round, the winter rains that bring about spring poppies (and then the dry summer that leads to brown hills). But those days are long gone.

One item in our garden plan that I insisted on was the inclusion of poppy flowers (the California state flower). After the fence was installed, the poppy seeds went into the ground in front of the fence. Although I started the plants later than I would have liked, they’ve finally started flowering a few weeks ago.

first poppy And then a few days later …

some more poppies

And another few days …


And now ..

poppies galore

The most common poppy color is the bright orange/yellow. We bought a seed mix that contained a variety of poppy colors including white, yellow, red, and pink. The good thing about these annual plants, is that they are self seeding. So hopefully, they’ll pop up again next year on their own.