The 2 inch thick bluestone cap crowns my latest masonry achievement.


The caps were composed of five pieces of 4 foot by 1 foot smooth bluestone. Originally, we had planned on getting the stones mitered at the stoneyard to 45 degree corners. In the end we decided against it because they cost an extra $100-150, not to mention that we would have to buy an extra 2 linear feet of stone. I also didn’t want to waste stone in making the 45 degree cuts.

I carefully wrapped each stone with cloth so that they would not get scratched on the car ride home. Once home, I managed to maneuver them out of the car and onto the wall (it’s not easy doing this by yourself). Slivers and small pieces of rocks (same material as the wall) were used to shim the capstone pieces - no mortar was used. As a test, I walked around the perimeter of the wall and even jumped on the capstones to see if it was solid. The pieces didn’t budge.

Declaring victory, I stood tall and proud on my wall, admiring my work (there’s a lot of that in home improvement).