Spring is finally here in the Northeast. One of our peach trees already has a (singular) blossom.

peach blossom

It’s exciting, especially since the little tree looks so sad after I “whipped” it. No, I did not abuse a poor little peach tree. By whipping, I mean pruning the main trunk off at about 3.5 feet high and removing all but 3 side branches, each with a few buds. I was in disbelief when my home orchadist books described this process. Amazingly, one of the buds turned into a blossom so hopefully I did something right. Also of note, the relocated magnolia tree seems to be doing pretty well. It’s starting to blossom too.

I recently set up all 3 rain barrels. At the end of last year, an old contractor friend gave us an extra rain barrel.

2 rain barrels

The extra one is set a little lower to receive the main barrel’s overflow. The lower barrel’s overflow will drain into the drainage pipe I put in last year (new for this year is the handy hose adapter fitting). The third rain barrel is on the other side of the house. Now all I need is rain.

Spring would not be complete without some seedlings. I started some leeks a month ago, and they’re still shrimpy. Other vegetable seedlings include 3 varieties of tomatoes, kale, taiwanese eggplant, more leeks, basil, habanero peppers, and thai chili peppers. These seedlings will be transferred to raised beds. But firs, I must completely destroy the front lawn - more on that in the future.

starting from seeds