(continued from It Started With a Bottle of Grape Juice …)

Ironically, our original faucet model was named “Endurance”. Ha!

With no working kitchen faucet, and a pile of dishes from the previous night, we had to do something. So we all get into the car: me, Serena, M, his wife, and their four month old baby for a trip to Home Depot.

Of course, as we surveyed the display of kitchen faucets, my lovely wife instinctivelyly picked one of the most expensive faucets without even looking at the price tags (how does she do that?). I tried to convince her with some cheaper options, but secretly I liked the one she chose best. Although I like to tease her for having expensive tastes, I’m guilty of the same. Without the luxury of time and research, we took the plunge and splurged.

Back at home and $200 lighter, I struggled with our old faucet. Without a basin wrench (I don’t own one), I spent half an hour loosening the nut with channel lock pliers. Putting in the new faucet was a breeze. No basin wrench required, just a screwdriver (for that, it’s worth the extra expense). Here, Serena is making sure the new faucet is centered before I tighten it down in place.

what the??
M took this picture while laughing at us, “Yeah baby!”

And here is the new faucet.

new kitchen sink faucet

I have to admit that this new one is a beauty. The head swings easily from one basin to the other and is high enough to clear our biggest pot, the lever is oh-so-easy to control, the faucet head pulls out and delivers a spray of water at the click of the side button, and there is full swivel movement between the faucet head and the rest of the hose. It almost makes dishwashing fun (almost).

Unfortunately, I dared to look up the faucet after I bought it. Argh! It’s now available on Amazon - I can’t believe they sell faucets now - and for cheaper. The frugal side of me sighs, if only I had more time to research. Still, it was a happy ending.