burning bush behind wall

Winter cold and snow came before I could move our last “burning” bush from the front yard to the back. And although spring has just arrived today, a couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have a break in the cold weather and some friends visit from out of town. What better way to spend their vacation than helping me do yard work?

Having a poor or selective memory can be very helpful at times. Although I remember the first time moving the previous bush to be somewhat difficult, I still chuckle at ourselves for the wheelbarrow’s misfortune and for having an overall good time. So my memories were quite fond. Also, I moved the bush with my wife - who, for all her great qualities, brute force and strength are not among them. So how difficult can it be for 2 strong guys to move this bush?

digging up bush
We started by digging around the bush, and then under. That was relatively easy.

tying up the root ball
After digging, we tied up the tree and wrapped the root ball up as best we can. I realized I should have tied the bush up first, to prevent the limbs from whacking us when we were digging around the root ball. Oh well. At this point, I prepped the wheelbarrow. This involved making sure there was sufficient tire pressure in the only wheel (this lesson was learned from our previous experience of course).

pushing the bush
Here we are, two strapping young males (ok, slight exaggeration) rolling the bush out of the hole. We spent what seemed to be half an hour standing in the hole, pushing the bush, but to no avail. I had to dig up some more dirt to create a gentler incline to roll the bush out, but it still seemed stuck. All I heard was our wives chuckling at us while taking these pictures.

getting the bush out
After lots of pushing, a few bruises on my body (from pushing so hard against the root ball) and good luck, we finally managed to get the bush out of its hole. From there, we rolled it into the wheelbarrow and transplanted it to its new home. A warning to frugal gardeners, the cheapest wheelbarrow is not always best. Just getting the wheelbarrow to travel in a straight path was very difficult, plus the weight of the bush made it prone to tipping over (which thankfully did not happen - but almost did).

In the end, the bush was moved, my wife was glad that she had nothing to do with it (besides record it), cheap wheelbarrows suck, and good times were had by all.

Update: How the bush is doing the following spring.