There’s a blank spot next to our stove and above the radiator in the kitchen. The previous owner had a cork board and clock in the space.

old kitchen stove wall

We’ve got nothing there. Until now.

Serena hanging picture in kitchen

In a moment of inspiration, We decided to hang some pictures.

tig hanging pictures in kitchen

But not just any pictures. I had to reprint some of our “older” (ie. buried on our hard drive) digital pictures so that they would fit into our theme.

And what is our theme?

kitchen pictures

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but all 3 pictures we hung up are our previous kitchens (actually 2 previous kitchens and the current kitchen before mini-makeover). But it’s also pictures of other people cooking in our kitchens.

The first is our good friend Carl who cooked up Chicken Cordon Bleu for us in our Oakland studio. The second is my dad cooking fish (spicy chinese style) for us in our Oakland condo. And lastly is Serena’s dad marinating beef before cooking in our current kitchen.