Next step in the mini-make over is to patch and paint the walls. This corner wall and ceiling area will get my usual patch treatment. I like to use the 90 minute setting joint compound for the first 2 coats, followed by the typical pre-mixed “mud” joint compound for the final coat.

wall patched

The butler’s pantry wall needed the most work.  The walls were wonky and patched badly in previous jobs.

patching the butler's pantry wall

The picture above shows my first pass of joint compound. After 2 more coats, it practically became a skim coat. I also rebuilt the corner edge which had been battered over the years. They sell the right angle pieces for drywall, but I didn’t want to go out and buy one, so I just did it very carefully with quick setting joint compound and 2 putty knives, creating the 90 degree corner. No pictures, but overall it came out pretty good. But then again, anything was better than before.

Serena decided to go with our stash of Devine Vanilla that we had in our basement (it’s got a tint of yellow in it). I love how she spent all that time getting a degree in design, and still chooses white.

kitchen wall painted