The mini kitchen makeover starts.

upper cabinet needs to go

The upper cabinets got the heave-ho. That part was easy. First I removed the upper crown molding, chipped away the caulk surrounding the wood, then unscrewed the cabinet from the wall. If I had more foresight, I would have gotten a helper to stabilize the cabinet as I removed the last screw that was holding it in place (the cabinets are quite heavy). Unfortunately, I was alone when the cabinet quickly dropped to the counter. No harm done, though.

upper cabinet removed

As you can see, the space immediately opened up.

Now let’s take a look at the space:

  • The wall was lime green before, and it probably wasn’t primed before it became pink. I’ll need to Kilz it good.
  • There’s a wooden nailing strip for the upper cabinet moulding that needs to be removed. Okay, I can handle that.
  • Joint compound was never applied to the corner where the 2 walls meet, a sign of poor quality worksmanship.
  • A chunk of drywall is missing from the ceiling. Hhmmm, this is starting to look like more work than I thought.
  • Lastly, there are wires growing through the wall like a weed and disappearing into the ceiling (see below). Ugh, this means I have to do electrical work…Wait! I get to do electrical work. Woohoo!

wires from the ceiling where they're not supposed to be

According to the kitchen mini makeover to do list, there’s no electrical work to be done (light fixture excluded) and I couldn’t convince the wifey to put in ethernet ports or a TV. But now with these wires obviously in the wrong place, I have to do a little electrical work. Nothing big, mind you. Just some wire fishing and re-routing through the attic.

wires to switch box

Those 3 wires are probably for the switch below. To be on the safe side, I physically traced them and confirmed they led to the switch box below. After a few hours of shuttling back and forth to the attic and fishing wire…

no more wires sticking out

Ta da! No more unsightly wires.