front yard
Our Front Yard

See those 2 red bushes by the house and the green privet hedges? They are not part of our master landscape plan. In fact, they’re in the way of better things, like blueberry bushes and a stone wall to level our front yard. Aftering pondering our stone choices in a previous post, we planned for the small retaining wall to be placed just behind the privet bushes. One of those “burning bushes” was also in the way. Since finishing the wall before the onset of the winter snow and freeze was my main goal, building the wall, and thus moving the bush became a priority. We decided to try and keep the bush but move it next to the recently transplanted Magnolia in the back yard.

wrapped up bush
Privet removed, and “burning” bush wrapped up

The process is very similar to moving a tree, but a little easier since the bush is smaller and (supposedly) hardier.

First I tied up the bush and dug a trench around the root ball.

dig around root ball

Then I wrapped the root ball with cloth to prevent it from falling apart during transport.

wrapping root ball

Lastly, the bush was transported to the new location.

Umm, the transporting part presented a little bit of difficulty for us. For one, it’s darn heavy, and as I’ve mentioned before, neither my wife nor I are built like contractors. The plan was to move the rootball into a wheelbarrow, then wheel it to the backyard, get it off the wheelbarrow and into the new hole in the ground. After about 20 minutes of struggling and practically mangling the root ball, we finally rolled it into the wheelbarrow. Thankfully the slope of the terrain helped us out.

But moving it did not turn out to be easy…

The bush was so heavy the wheel flattened under the weight. Undaunted, I still tried rolling it. With help from Serena and a lot of struggling, the wheelbarrow moved about 2 feet. For a little while, I berated myself for buying the cheapest wheelbarrow from Lowes. But then I finally wisened up and grabbed my bike pump from the basement. And with some more air in the tire, it was good to go.

An hour later, no more major obstacles, and the bush is in it’s new home, and doing a nice job of partly screening our neighbor’s garage from our view.

final resting spot

Update: How the bush is doing the following spring.