It was a very busy week. Too busy to update the blog. So here’s a recap of the past week.

Serena’s parents were in town from Saturday through Thursday.

serena's parents

I don’t remember much of Monday. Mostly the plumber was working (mmm, new PVC pipe), and we were preparing the 2nd unit’s floors (masonite on top of red rosin paper).

look, new drain pipes

Tuesday I helped rewire some lights and outlets in and near the bathrooms. Since the walls were open, it was easy to install an outlet in adjacent walls to other rooms.

wiring for sconces

Wednesday, all hell broke loose. I had 3 contractors (plumber, electrician, and carpenter) all working in different rooms (1st floor bath, 2nd floor bath, 1st floor kitchen), and I was helping them all out. I also had the movers come and unload all our furniture. It was very hectic and in all the commotion, I overlooked some important details. The carpenter had put in a new joist underneath bath 2. It looked like there was room, and why not, the previous joist in that spot was removed. So a new joist there would support the floor better. So I go down the street to buy a nice new 10 foot long 2×8. Well there was a reason the original joist was removed. So the plumbing (specifically, the toilet drain) could fit in the space. So an hour after the carpenter puts up the new joist, the plumber had to cut it to place the toilet drain. Doh! And later I tell the plumber to move the toilet over to give more room for the sink and tub (just 2 inches). Although it meets design standards, it was probably too close, and now I need the plumber to redo the toilet drain to sit 2 inches over. Although 2 inches might not sound like a lot, it’s our bathroom, and we’ll be using it a lot, so we want it right. That’s 2 costly mistakes for me. The lesson of the day - Don’t try and do too much. I should not have been a helper that day (too many things going on), and should have just managed people and thought out the day better. Oh well. I think it only set us back less than a day.

On Thursday, we had the electrical rough inspection. Pass. Woo Hoo! One signature done, at least 3 more to go. Also, Adrian, the carpenter went up on the roof to install exhaust fans and patch up around the waste vent flange (to prevent leaking in the roof). I’m so glad I did not have to go up on the roof. We even had a little scare with the ladder.� Adrian was up on the roof (with 2 sets of roofing jacks to create a suitable working platform), I had just picked up some roofing cement from the hardware store, and then the ladder comes crashing down.� Good thing, just the fence took most of the impact from the ladder.� A big gust of wind had blown the ladder off.� So Haitham and I reset the ladder and tie it down (which we probably should have done in the first place).� Now, Adrian did not have to be stuck on the roof.

adrian on the roof

Friday was mostly carpentry work with Adrian on the 2nd floor bathroom.� A header was placed between the joists, to give the floor more rigidity.� New subfloor was then laid over the old.� This increases the height of the floor, but the threshold of the bathroom should cover the increased height.� We also patched a hole in the roof on the other side (mostly just using tons of flashing cement around a vent pipe).

After that, Serena and I pigged out at James’ Gate (Best Irish Pub - Best of Boston 2005).� Mmmm…

pig out