Well I’m back on my feet working again, maybe not at 100%, but good enough to do some damage.

The living room project requires some preparation before the real work can begin. This means laying down red rosin paper for floor protection and sealing off the doors to the other rooms. Here I used plastic sheeting and taped it to the trim. The goal is to isolate dust and debris; once all the work is done, I just peel the red rosin and the plastic away for easy cleanup.

red rosin on the ground, and plastic over the doorway

Next step is to upgrade the electrical wiring. Our living room had BX for the existing electrical wiring, which is an old armored cable sheath with 2 wires inside (hot and neutral). There is no ground wire, but the metal sheathing acts as the ground. I personally prefer new cable with a ground wire for safety reasons. Also at many of these older junction boxes, old canvas backed electrical tape was used to join wires together, not wire connectors. I consider this a fire hazard because the cloth can catch on fire.

where's the wire connector
Although this junction is not in the living room, it’s a prime example of outdated old wiring. You can see the black wires (in the center) are just joined together with canvas backed electrical tape. Someone even upgraded this junction box at a future point (you can tell by the wire connector at left), but decided to leave the other connection as is.

The renovation plan includes installing new wiring, changing out the single switchbox for a three gang switch box, adding a dimmer switch for the ceiling fan (which we moved from the kitchen), adding switch for the wall sconces (which were just short of being fully wired by the previous owner) and installing ethernet cables. As usual, I keep myself busy during the day by making more holes in the walls, fishing wires through walls, and spending lot of time in the attic.
making holes and fishing wire
When fishing/pulling wire from the attic, I often tie something to the end of the wire (like a roll of blue tape) so I don’t completely pull the wire into the wall. Since I have to work alone during the workweek, I learned a few tricks to make things easier.

And the rough electrical work is completed. This is where I stand and admire for a while. This is a very important step in the process.

fishing wire through the walls
This main wall will have 2 added outlets and ethernet cable connections (along the bottom), a switch panel for 3 switches, and upgraded wiring in the sconce junctions.