Where have I gone? I’m going to my day job to pay for all the renovations!

Kidding aside, we haven’t been posting as much as we used to (especially me). Tig has been very strict about only posting house-related topics, he doesn’t like “blog creep”. Blog creep is like style creep in a fund manager, or mission creep in a foundation. It’s when a blog starts out about one topic, but then evolves into other topics and general on-line journaling. Not that there’s anything wrong with it; he just wants to keep things focused.

He did allow me one little digression, to post about why we haven’t been posting as much. Last year we spent our entire summer on the house. We hardly saw our neighbors, the only place we knew of was Home Depot/Lowes, and we hardly took a break. This year Tig is making sure we do fun non-house stuff on most weekends. This leaves only weeknights for me - except that it’s summertime in New England. Unless our house is falling down, we’d be fools not to enjoy the weather before winter slaps us with her icy hands. So, while I jaunt off every morning to an air-conditioned office building, my better half has been dutifully tackling the house projects and doing some website design work on the side.

So, without further ado, here are some of the fascinating things (tongue-in-cheek) we’ve been doing:


Making dumplings

dog sitting

Dog sitting



babysitting drawing


harbor cruise

Taking a harbor cruise

House projects will never cease; we still have a long list. Some people seem to be able to keep up a good pace for years. I admire their tenacity. But over time, I see us spending more time living in the house instead of working on the house.