Original Living Room Wall (picture taken during home inspection)
Original Living Room Wall (picture taken during home inspection)

The wall looks decent in photos. But already, you can see gaps (the black lines) between the moulding and the wall/ceiling. Up close, you can see cracks in the plaster. There is an especially long crack spanning the entire length of the ceiling. Also the sconces are not exactly the prettiest. It’s apparent that we don’t have the same tastes as the previous homeowners (chandelier, plates, etc). And they don’t work. The switch on the wall does not turn on/off the sconces, it only controls the outlet directly below.

So what’s in store for the living room?

Electrical work for sure. This consists of upgrading outlets (grounds are always nice), wiring up the sconces & other lighting fixtures, rewire cable & internet, and moving the fan from the kitchen to the living room.

Then the wall needs some major patching of cracks, and all the moulding needs some caulk to hide any gaps. If I’m really ambitious, I can make built in bookcases (but I highly doubt that - but possibly a future project).

And of course, a few coats of paint. Most likely it will be Devine Vanilla for the walls & ceiling and Devine Icing for the trim. It’ll have the same look as the dining room. The missus likes having a blank canvas (wall) to decorate, hang art, etc. And if you’ve never heard of Devine Paint, you can read our very unscientific paint review.