Last year, during the heavy rains, we had a major water problem in our basement. With some strategic gutter placement, we had solved most of those problems. During the winter, however, we encountered another water (or ice) related problem near our back steps. Snow would accumulate on our deck, then melt and drip off the side of the deck (where there’s no gutter), and accumulate near the steps, and then would freeze (because it was in the shadow of the deck). Big chunks of ice by our back steps. Not good. Salt and various other ice melting formulas were used to break up the ice, but eventually more water/snow would accumulate and the process would start all over.

One thing that I would like to do is install rain gutters along the deck. Maybe in a few months. What I did do was improve the drainage by the back steps. Coincidentally, this was right next to one of our rain barrels. So the extra drainage I will also take away excess water from the rain barrel.

lots of gravel for drainage

The key to good drainage is a place for the water to go. There are 2 things in the picture. A pit of gravel so the water will not soak in the ground, and there’s a PVC to direct water to another drainage area further away. Note, this PVC is mostly for rain barrel runoff. The black stuff under the gravel is landscape fabric. It’s also draped above the gravel so dirt will not get stuck. The level on the PVC pipe is to ensure it has a proper pitch to allow the water to run off.

another view of drainage
A view from the other direction.

Here you can see the rainbarrel and where the gutter downspout and rain barrel runoff will flow.