So the original plan for our 2 parking spots was to lay down concrete pavers. We got a couple of estimates for work to be done. Let’s just say, we did not want to spend what the contractors were telling us to spend. So we thought gravel would be just fine and plenty economical. And surely, I can spread the gravel out myself.

So just laying gravel is not as simple as it sounds. You do need to dig down compact at least 6″ of gravel to prevent the frost heaves. And landscape fabric should be placed between the compacted dirt and the gravel.

So one sunny day, I started to dig. I noticed the weather forecast for the week looked pretty good, so I decided to commence on this project. A few days, no problem.


That picture is about 1/3 of the digging. It looks easy, but the dirt is well compacted from cars being parked on top. I used many tools, including a shovel, pick-axe, pitch fork, wheelbarrow, and brute force.

After the first day of digging, I decided the best schedule would be to dig really hard for 8-10 hours in one day, take the next day off, and continue digging the following day. My back really appreciated the off days.

In about a week, the pit was dug out. Approximately 18′ x 20′ x 12″ deep. Now I’ve got 2 huge piles of fill I need to figure what to do with.

the pit

Next time, hopefully there will be gravel…